Three Great Reasons to Take Your Family on a Uganda Safari

Looking for a fun and memorable vacation for the family. Tired of the regular theme parks where you spend more time waiting on lines than actually enjoying the rides, and where the prices for everything from food to t-shirts have been tripled because they know that you can only buy this stuff at their park?

Well how about a fun family vacation where you can have memorable experiences, bond together, challenge yourself, have your kids learn valuable information about our planet and animals while you get up close and personal with nature?

The answer is an African Safari in the top safari spot in Africa, Uganda.

Why Uganda?

For more than a hundred years Uganda has been known as a place where wildlife teems. Today the country has a multitude of national parks and game reserves that rivals any other place on Earth. Uganda is the Pearl of Africa and is famous for its Silverback Gorillas and opportunities for you to observe them first hand. There are also hippos, Spring Buck, Lions, Hyenas, and dozens of other types of animals living in country’s dense forests and open savannas.  You and your family can take a safari in Uganda and carve through the wildness to witness an overwhelming intimacy with the fascinating creatures of the dense bush. You can stroll on the enchanting promenade by the Lake Victoria, raft down River Nile and dine on its banks, and visit gorgeous Murchison falls.

Why a Safari?

Get Up Close and Personal with Wildlife

Your safari is designed to get you as close as possible to the animal world. You will interact with many of the animals and see animals you would only ever see in a zoo, living in their natural habitat. They lives their lives amongst each other and you will see the natural interactions between the different species. There will be opportunities to leave your vehicle and go into the bush and you will also see and interact with young animals in the nursery. Your kids will have a unique time as they are taught about conservation and how to care for the welfare of our animal friends and the planet.  They can also join some of the local programs aimed at kids that allow them to feed and care for young wild animals. The experience will be life changing.

Leave Your World of Stress Behind

When you head to Uganda from the minute you arrive you will realize that the country is laid back and relaxing and to get you to leave your cares at home.  You will be treated by warm and welcoming people who escort you to your lodge. The safari is a several days adventure that will take you out into the bush and bring you back to your natural state. You will feel relaxed without a care in the world each day you wake up and by the time you leave you will be totally refreshed and recharged.

Make New friends

Safaris always attract people from many different countries and walks of life. At your lodge and during the safaris you will interact with these people for long periods. Some of the best relationships are developed during safari trips and lifetime friendships are built.

A safari is also an all-inclusive trip that includes every aspect of your trip. So you can simplify your trip planning which can be a chore when you have to take into account the kids.

You must check with the company booking your trip about appropriate ages for children coming on a safari. Typically very young children are not allowed but each company has different rules. So discuss this with the company when you call.

For a special and memorable time with your family consider a Uganda Safari for your next family vacation.