Quick Fixes Around The Home To Increase Your Mobility

Limited mobility can make even the simplest of tasks a struggle, especially around the home. Thankfully however there are a wide range of options which can aid movement in and around the home, and make daily life that little bit easier. Resisting making changes around the home will not just make your life more difficult, it will also put a great deal of additional stress on your body, and it could even result in injury, two situations which you surely want to avoid? Changing aspects of the home do not need to involve full scale construction work, and there are some quick fixes which you could look at that can help you during your day in the house.

Stair lift

Whilst a stairlift is quite a hefty piece of kit, they can be installed in just a couple of hours and instantly help you to get up and down the stairs with ease. You should consider getting a stairlift installed simply because it solves one of the most difficult aspects of being at home, climbing up and down stairs. With regard to the injuries which we mentioned that could take place, those which cause the most damage are as a result of people who have fallen when climbing the stairs, eradicate this risk completely with a stairlift.

Hand Rails

You may very be able to walk from one room to another but for many this can be a tiring process. To make this easier you can simply have some hand rails installed around the walls inside the home, to give you that additional support. If you are carrying something in your hand, it makes much more sense to balance yourself with a hand rail, than risking dropping it. These rails can be installed in just a few hours and they will be there should you need them.

Toilet Seat

There is much that you can do in bathrooms to aid you such as walk-in baths and wet rooms instead of showers, both of which are heavy duty operations. A quick fix however for a common complaint however, would be to get a raised toilet seat. Default toilet seats can be too low for those with poor mobility, making getting down and back up again quite tricky. Overcome this with ease with a raised seat.

Electronic Mattress

Just getting out of bed can be a challenge for many, making the addition of an electronic mattress a smart choice. You can get mattresses which will raise and lower at the touch of a button, they can also recline and lift your legs, to help you get into a more comfortable position for reading or watching TV. These smart mattresses do not need any special installation, you simply replace your old mattress and then use the small remote to put yourself into a position which is easier to get out from. Given the fact that we spend so much time in bed, this will end up being a very smart investment, and one which will make your life easier.

Make your life simpler with these easy to install aids.