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4 Ways to Remodel a Bathroom for Elderly Occupants

When old age kicks in and our bodies begin to slowly lose the mobility that we once had, it is important that changes are made in your life to combat the issues which age can bring. Whilst the impact of age will vary from person to person, generally speaking it is mobility which is affected first. To aid you in getting around the home and ensuring that you can still complete tasks as before, you should consider looking at remodeling options which can help. Today we are going to look at some of the options which are available for bathroom remodeling, to help you bathe, wash and go the toilet, without any unnecessary pressure on the body.

Walk-In Bath

Whilst for many it is a simple task, those with mobility issues can struggle to get both in and out of the bath tub. The result of this is not only that it can be a stressful experience, but it can also be dangerous given the presence of water, and a slip or trip could easily cause an injury. If you fit a walk in bath however, you will be able to simply open the door, get in the tub, close the door and then fill it with water, before emptying the tub and opening the door to let yourself out. This is a simple solution which makes bathing far, far easier.

Wet room

Showers can be tricky places if you have issues with mobility, shower cubicles can be restricting and showers in bath tubs means you will need to clamber over the tub, into a shower area which does not give you a great deal of space. The ultimate solution to this is to install a wet room, a large shower area with slightly angled flooring to allow the water to run away. A wet room gives you the space which you need to maneuver, you won’t need to step over a bath or cubicle, and you can even install a seat to make showering easier.

Raised Toilet Seat

Spending a penny can cause all kinds of issues as you need to lower yourself down and raise yourself up again, not an easy task if mobility is an issue. A simple solution to this is to have a raised toilet seat placed over the top of the toilet, which means you won’t have to lower yourself down as far, or lift yourself up as much.


Given that bathrooms are more often than not filled with water, it makes sense to have some new, non-slip flooring installed. Anyone can slip over in a bathroom, the difference is that those without mobility issues can readjust and stay on their feet, those with problems may not. Furthermore you should ensure that the shower also has plenty non-slip mats or materials, to remove the risk of falling when showering.

Don’t wait for something to happen before you realize you need to remodel the bathroom, get ahead and make your life easier.