Pros and Cons of Having a Stairlift in the Home

Anyone with mobility problems will know just how challenging and stressful it can be to do something as simple as climbing up and down the stairs. In fact there are many people across the country who do have problems moving around, who will put off going up or down stairs unless it is absolutely necessary. To aid with this issue and to help those people with problems, a stair lift is the perfect tonic. The stair lift however is not for everyone however, and like anything it has its pros and cons. Let’s then have a look at what the benefits and disadvantages are, and see which outweighs the other.


Let’s make a start with the pros of having a stairlift installed, and see why so many people have made this decision.


Contrary to what many believe a stair lift installation is really not that expensive and you can get a good price on a stair lift for your home if you do your research. In many cases you may also find grants which can support you financially when buying a stair lift.


A stair lift completely removes the stress and strain on the body when climbing up or down stairs, which helps to alleviate a great deal of pain. Using this gadget means no more tiredness after getting up or down, and less soreness on the muscles and joints.


Beyond the difficulty and the pain of climbing up and down the stairs, there is a very real risk of injury if you aren’t particularly steady on your feet. Falling over in the home is dangerous enough, but doing so from the 12th step for example could have very grave consequences indeed. Remove the risk of this completely with a stair lift.


Despite the numerous benefits of a stair lift, there are people who have concerns about this aid, let’s take a look at what they are.


Some people have genuine shame about having to use an aid to do something which others find very easy. A stair lift may help someone physically, but emotionally they may find it tough to take the plunge and install one.


Those who are house proud often don’t like the idea of a huge metal rail, a seat and a motor adorning their stairs. It is fair to say that stair lifts are very much functional above all else, and they are not a particularly attractive feature in the home.


Despite the cons that do exist around a stair lift, the pros far outweigh them and whilst it may not be easy to come to terms with the fact that a lift is necessary, it can ultimately have a hugely positive impact on the life of someone with limited mobility. These machines help people all over the country, to not only get up and down the stairs but also to put less pressure on the body, and essentially make life easier.