Driving Down The Cost of Your Next Flight

How do you currently book your flights when you are heading away on business or pleasure? Do you still trust holiday agents to find you the best deals? These are questions which are more pertinent than ever, given that we now live in a world where finding the cheapest flights is no longer something that requires great expertise or a great deal of time. In spite of this there are still far too many people who pay above and beyond what is necessary for their flights and vacations. Saving money is a priority in most people’s minds when they travel and here is how to book your next flights at the very cheapest price possible.

Where to Check

Once you have your travel dates and destination, you should head to only 2 websites, one is called Momondo and the other is called Skyscanner. These two websites are what we call flight aggregators, they basically scour the internet to find out every price which is being offered by both the airline and any third party travel agents. The websites are super simple to use and they have a number of filters which you can use, to get the exact flight which you are looking for.

Consider Connecting

Connecting in another airport before heading to your destination can save you great amount of money, and all it will cost you is time. For example last year I took a flight to Toronto from Mexico City, before heading on to London. The original flight from Mexico City to London was almost £900, yet through this connection in Toronto, I was able to bring the overall flight cost down to just £580. The best part about connecting in Toronto was that I only had a 1 hour layover, meaning the overall flight time was just 3 hours more than if I had gone directly. Keep your options open when it comes to taking a connection flight, as in doing so you could save a great amount of money.

Using a VPN

Unfortunately, such is the way that the internet and various airlines operate, you can often find cheaper flights if you are looking within the country where the airline is from. For example a British Airways flight may be cheaper when you are looking in the UK, rather than looking say, in Peru. The reasons for this are unclear but you can get around it. The key is to use something called a VPN, a free tool on the Opera browser, or a simple piece of software which you can download. A VPN simulates your IP address to make it appear as though you are in another country. Through using this you could very well get yourself the best possible prices on your flights.

A final note would be to ensure that your browser is on ‘Privacy’ mode, the reason for this is that if you search for the same flight multiple times, the price may go up as a consequence.