The Perfect Cities for Online Poker Players

Are you a digital nomad?

If you consider yourself more of a citizen of the internet than of any particular country, you might be. Digital nomads don’t need to stick to one city, and often find themselves living in some of the most far-flung places on the planet, laptop in tow.

A great majority of digital nomads are entrepreneurs, bloggers, and programmers, but there is another breed – the professional online poker player.

If you’re winning consistently enough to make a profit out of playing poker online, moving to the right city can powerfully affect the quality of life you can afford.

Choose for Purchasing Power

Online poker players have some unique needs when it comes to relocating.

For one, you should choose a country where purchasing power in your home currency is slated to your advantage, where costs of living are low, and importantly, where profits made through online poker playing are favorably taxed. You also need to choose a country that does not restrict access to online gambling sites like

Choosing a country where you have a purchasing power advantage mitigates the risk of spending your gaming capital on life expenses. The simple fact is that your dollar buys less in highly developed countries than in third-world ones, but you want to balance that advantage with the amenities that life in a highly developed country offers.

So which are the best cities for online poker professionals to live in? All of the following options are excellent choices.

1. Bucharest, Romania

Romania has a cost of living index of 42.28, according to Numbeo, meaning that it is less than half as expensive to live there than in New York City. Bucharest offers lightning fast internet, cheap rent, and very favorable taxation laws for foreigners. Most inhabitants know English, and there is a highly active poker scene in the city, with frequent tournaments held in its largest casinos.

2. Baku, Azerbaijan

Baku is even cheaper than in Bucharest. The city, located on the coast of the Caspian Sea, is renowned throughout the region as a hub of gambling and nightlife activity. Most of the city’s inhabitants speak English, and the city has a thriving poker scene centered on its largest and most impressive casinos. Azerbaijan’s poker laws are relatively loose for countries in its area, as well.

3. Gibraltar

Gibraltar is an important destination for poker players worldwide – major tournaments routinely take place in the territory, and poker enterprises like 888Poker have headquarters in the area. Its gambling-friendly culture, light regulatory environment, and status as a British Overseas Territory makes it an excellent home for any professional poker player. The cost of living in Gibraltar is higher than in many other cities, however.