Smooth Move: Finding the Best Flat Iron

It’s easy to see that the sleek look is in. Whether you’re going for the wet look or just want a smooth style, pin-straight hair is definitely hot this season. So what are you to do if your hair is a little more rebellious than you’d like? What if frizz and waves are more your look, despite your best efforts? Then it’s time to invest in a quality flat iron. Find out what the best flat irons are, and what to look for when purchasing your own. You’ll be looking chic and sleek in no time!

Style Smarts

Before you can begin to find the best flat iron, first you need to take a good hard look at yourself – specifically your hair. What type of hair do you have? What are its particular needs and issues? If you have flat, limp hair that’s prone to flyaways you’re going to need a different flat iron than someone who has thick, frizzy locks. The best bet is to look for a model that is good for all hair types. That way no matter what’s troubling your mane, you can ensure it will always look its better.

All In One

Flat irons are best known for making your hair straight and smooth, but the best can do much more. You don’t want limp, lifeless locks (no matter how straight they may be). The best flat irons on the market don’t just straighten; they help style your hair, add bounce and volume. Whether you’re looking for smooth hair or tight ringlets, make sure your flat iron is up to whatever styling task you throw at it.

Do No Harm

Now we all know that heat styling can wreak havoc on your hair. And why bother looking good if you’re not feeling great too? You don’t have to sacrifice hair health for beauty – if you have the right tools on hand. That’s why it’s of paramount importance to get a flat iron that won’t leave your hair hurting. Find models that allow you to control the temperature so you always know how hot things are getting. Check out the plates on your flat iron while you’re at it. They should be smooth and even, so your hair doesn’t get pulled (or worse, ripped right out) when you’re perfecting your look.

In For The Long Haul

It’s happened to all of us: you spend time carefully doing your hair, only to have your style fall apart before your night is through. Luckily, the right flat iron will have your back; the best models rely on science to ensure that your style can withstand the test of time. Want to double down on your hairstyle and ensure it can last through even the wildest night? Comb a serum into your wet hair before drying and straightening. Afterwards, set your style with a powerful hair spray. The combination of a killer flat iron and the right beauty products will leave you with a luxurious look that will look great no matter what.