Knowing the types of DJs before starting a career

DJing is a profession that is known as one of the coolest jobs worldwide.  It´s well known that famous DJ´s travel the world and DJ in some of the coolest and most exotic places always being treated as VIPs.  The first thing you need to know if you are wondering how to become a DJ, is that there are numerous different types of DJs.  It´s very common that at some point or other every professional DJ has fulfilled more than one, if not all, of these types to get to where they are.  You need a starting point, here is an explanation of some of the different types of DJing around which can hopefully give you an idea of where you would like to start.

Mobile DJ

Being a mobile DJ is normally where everyone starts after getting equipment, practising and being ready to put themselves out there as a hireable DJ.  The thing to note about this kind of DJing is that quite often your music will often end up catering to the event that you are DJing, so if that means you are DJing a wedding, then you will probably have to play some songs for the bride and groom to dance to before the party tunes come on

Club DJ

Often this kind of DJing is quite similar to mobile DJing, depending on the stature of the club you are DJing at.  DJing at a club, you will probably have to play to the theme of the club or a genre themed night, be it indie, hip hop or trance music.  If you do well you could be offered a regular spot at the club or even move on to bigger things.

Music producing DJ

Creating your own music using software and equipment is another form of DJing, often you will have to be able to perform your songs if given a spot at a club or festival.  Many DJs starting out often try to make their own tracks at the same time as practising performing their own and other people’s music.


A turntablist DJ is often required to perform mixing and scratching on high end record players in front of large crowds. Similar to a club or mobile DJ however they are specialists in the art of mixing and scratching different tunes together in order to make the crowd appreciate the music a whole lot more.

Radio DJ

Being a radio DJ is a little different to the above types of DJing although also requiring many of the same skills.  A radio DJ will usually be based in a studio of some kind and needs to be able to multitask beyond belief.  Often, they need to interact with their listening audience in a more intimate manner.  Radio DJing is one of the oldest forms of DJing around and there are many videos you can find online showing you exactly how they function in the studio.

Looking at the different types of DJs then hopefully it has given you an idea of exactly what kind you want to become, and show you that you will probably have to do more than one type to become a successful and famous DJ.