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The Great Dr.Olade on The Health Danger of Not Sleeping

Here in Arizona there is a doctor who goes by the name of Dr. Olade and he is a widely respected medical professional in the state. In fact we have many great doctors here in Arizona and many of them have actually worked under the tutelage of Dr. Olade. I gad the great fortune to speak with the doctor recently at an Arizona medical convention where I was able to have a great chat with him about sleeping related disease and disorders, plus the health risks of those who do not sleep very well each night. I used to suffer from insomnia for many years until taking action to resolve i, and this is what sparked the conversation. I thought that I would share with you then what Dr. Olade had to say about the health risks attached with not sleeping for long enough each night.

Risk of Disease

The worst consequence of not getting enough high quality sleep over a along period of time is the risk of developing dementia or Alzheimer’s later on in life. Both of these brain disorders are absolutely horrible and they gradually reduce the sufferer down to having the mental capability of a child. The brain simply cannot perform its duties when you deprive it of sleep and the upshot can be these terrible ailments, as science looking into in internal medicine has proven already.


Many people who complain of muscle, back or joint pain are those who do not get enough high quality sleep each night. The body requires sleep to rest and repair the muscles and tendons in the body, so a failure to allow the body this rest can result in muscles and joints which simply aren’t prepared for the challenges of the day, which often results in tears, disc slips and bone problems. These internal problems can of course be easily resolved with a good night’s sleep but repeatedly lacking sleep could dod irreparable damage to the body.


In the short term a lack of sleep can be directly related to your ability to concentrate and focus, your ability to plan and organize and your overall energy levels throughout the da, damaging them all. Now of course if you have a rough night’s sleep you can expect to feel a little dumb the next day, but doing this over a longer period of time is going to cause you all manner of performance issues.


Contrary to what many may believe, especially those who love under the glorious Arizona sun, stress is everywhere and we all have it in varying degrees. The difference between those who feel stressed and those who don’t comes down to our coping mechanisms, rather than the level of stress that we have. When we miss out on sleep our coping mechanisms drop to an all time low and this can leave us ratty and frustrated at even the slightest of things.

Sleep can be a killer so make sure that you are getting enough of it.