Bonworth – Creating a Brand Identity

One of my favorite places to to take my daughter shopping here in Henderson in North Carolina is without question the Bonworth store which we have in the mall here. As it happens I am also a business teacher and whenever I talk about brand identity and building positive brand, Bonworth is always the example that I give. What COO Gurumoorthy Gurusankar has created with the store is brilliant and as both a business analyst and a consumer, I absolutely love it. Today I want to talk through why they have created such a brilliant brand image and how you can learn from it if you run a business.


Bonworth is a shop which offers a solution to an age old problem, mothers and daughters shopping together. Usually when this happens the daughter will go to the shops where she can find her trendy young clothing, and then the mother will go where she can buy the stuff that she likes. In both of these situations either the mother or the daughter ends up twiddling their thumbs whilst the other shops. This is not the case in this store and they have their finger on the pulse of what both mother and daughter may want to buy.

Everyone is Beautiful

In a world of social judgements and pressure on people to dress a certain way, Bonworth have come forward as an ethical company who consider everyone to be beautiful. The company has even cerated a hashtag #beBonworthbebeautiful which is a masterstroke in connecting with their younger consumers and letting everyone know that they all have beauty. Customers love an ethical company and that is exactly what Bonworth has created.


The company regularly engages with their users on social media and review sites, offering help to anyone who has rated them with less than 4 stars and thanking those who rate them higher. What I love about the way that this company handles itself is the way that it offers promotional discounts and savings to people online, often for nothing more than offering a compliment. Customers want brands that they can trust and thanks to his engagement they can boost the people who attend their sales and they can instill trust in the general public with regards to the Bonworth brand.

Brand Throughout

One of the most difficult aspects of creating a brand image for your company is to get the buy in of everyone who is involved in the business, and not just those at the very top. It is evident when you deal with the staff at Bonworth that they have all bought into what the brand image is, and where they fit within it. The staff are incredibly friendly and helpful but beyond that they carry themselves in a way that represents the brand and what the company stand for.

If you want to see a perfect brand image model, look no further than Bonworth.