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Pet Gifts. What to Buy Your Favorite Family Member

We all love our moms, dads, sisters and brother, but when asked who is our favorite family members whether we say it or not often our immediate thought goes to the family dog.

Yes we all love them very much because they never hit us, wear our clothes, or ask us to take out the garbage.

Now you want to buy a gift for your favorite family member and are not sure what to get. Here are some doggie-centric ideas to show them how much you care.

High-End Dog Collar

If you have not paid attention to the area of dog collars, I invite you to take a look at these from Susan Lanci. She has designed some of the most elegant and high end looking collars on the planet.

You can choose form stars, crowns, rhinestones, studs, and geometric patterns each made from a variety of materials and colors and all sturdy enough to keep your dog by your side no matter its size.

You can even purchase several so you can match your dog’s collar to fit your dog’s mood or to match with the color of your outfits.

When you dog puts this collar on, it will immediately know that you recognize how special it is. When you dog goes to the dog park, all of the other canines will stop and stare in envy and the owners will wish that they had thought up such an incredible gift.

Doggie Bed

There is a good chance that your poor dog does not have his own bed to sleep on, or if it does it is merely a ball of blankets or some worn clothes that somehow became its sleeping arrangements. Why not buy a dog bed for your dog. They range from simple comfortable pillows they can lay on, to comfy mattress like furniture that they can enter in and sleep.

They also come in just about any dog size, so whether you have a Pomeranian or a Great Dane, it can be pampered with this lovely gift. The beds are covered in fabrics ranging from cottons to fleece to even sheepskin and prices range accordingly based on how fancy you want to get.

Also this is a gift that can travel with your dog. If you go away and put your dog in the kennel, you can leave it with its own bed to make it feel comfortable when you’re not around.

Dog Treats

One gift that is sure to be a hit with your dog is dog treats. Today there is a large selection of treats that are customized for your dog’s size, and demeanor.

If you are not sure which treats are best for your dog, speak to your vet who can match you up to the right treats and steer you toward the ones that are both tasty and good for your dog.

Too often people will just grab any bag of treats and feed them to their dog not knowing that it may be actually doing the dog harm.

So be mindful because today you can customize your doggie treat shopping and never make a wrong choice.

These gift ideas come from the heart and are provided to give you some ideas for how you can show your pup how much you love and appreciate them. Happy shopping!