How Any Kind of Company Can Benefit from Using PRINCE2

There are many different reasons for wanting to carry out projects in your business. Before you get started you might wonder whether this approach is right for your company, though.

The truth is that any sort of business can benefit from taking on projects that improve their way of working and allow them to face up to the future with a greater sense of confidence.

Small Companies

You may think that small businesses don’t have the resources to work on projects. Don’t these pieces of work need more staff and a higher budget than many businesses would be able to commit to?

Well, the good news is that there is no reason to fear projects, even if your company doesn’t have a huge amount of resources. The advantages of improving your processes and introducing new technology can be enjoyed by even modestly sized firms.

One of the reasons that this can work is that it is possible to send the team members on short PRINCE2 Courses to brush up on their skills. In this way, you can very quickly get a small but professional project team set up that you can trust.

Large Companies

The majority of big companies have a strong focus on running projects that give them long-term benefits. These businesses may be constantly working on ways to improve their structure, to deal with future challenges and to expand.

This is usually done by setting up a project team that can handle any piece of work that comes their way. By doing this, they can have a team of specialists who are capable of taking even complex projects through to conclusion.

The biggest companies will often have sizeable project teams. They might even have project managers in different places, making it vital that they all follow the same approach using standard PRINCE2 techniques.

Multi-national Companies

It is clear that multi-national businesses also need to take great care in carrying out projects. It is likely that a company based in more than one country has to deal with issues such as new regulations more frequently than others.

You might also wonder how an international company could benefit from using PRINCE2 on its work. In this case, it gives the framework needed for every part of the company to carry out their projects and work together in the same way.

Another benefit of using PRINCE2 is that anyone in any project team in the company can relocate abroad to another project team without any problems. It also gives the whole company a huge amount of flexibility when it comes to sharing ideas and working together.

How Do the Project Team Members Benefit?

As we have seen, PRINCE2 gives people a common framework to work to. This allows them to move their skills across to new offices and different parts of the company, letting them enjoy a varied, flexible career.

If we go back to look at a smaller company again, we can see that the benefits for staff can include other things. For instance, this can allow them a greater degree of variety at work if they are able to switch between projects and their everyday tasks.

In bigger businesses, moving from a technical role to a project position can make a career seem fresh and exciting again. The skills gained in the business area will still be valid but they will now be added to with additional PRINCE2 knowledge.

No matter how big or small a business is, adding PRINCE2 techniques and methods can allow it to grow in a sensible way while keeping the staff satisfied with their own development.