Michelle L Marquez on Doing What You Love

My friend Michelle L Marquez and I studied law together back in our university days and it was clear from the outset that she had a real passion for this. Whilst the rest of us would be chatting or planning our weekend, Michelle would be feverishly excited about a new book on fraud or an exciting arbitration case, hardly the most riveting of topics for many of us, but not for Michelle. Naturally Michelle went on to work in law, taking on a position in a group which deals in securities and she is incredibly happy in her role. I am still in touch with Michelle and she is a constant inspiration to me as she is one of the few people who I know the truly loves what they do. Many think that this is as important as it is often made out, here is why I believe this is wrong.


Whenever I speak to Michelle she will have small complaints about her job but these are almost afterthoughts which she tag on to a great story about the day that she has had. Now I’m not suggesting that Michelle has the perfect day every day, but the lack of negativity when she discusses her job clearly shows that those bad days are simply so outweighed by the good, that it really doesn’t matter. Speaking to Michelle about her job is completely different to speaking to any other friend about theirs, and far more positive.


Michelle confesses that she would prefer to spend more time with the family but what is fascinating is the way that she is with the family and especially her kids. Working in a job like hers must be highly stressful and very difficult, making getting home to a crazy household extremely tough. In the case of Michelle however, even after a tough day at work, she is always patient and helpful with her kids, because she knows deep down that she loves her job.


A telltale sign that someone loathes their job is sitting there on a Sunday night not wishing to go to bed because you know that tomorrow you have to go to work. In the case of Michelle however she likes to get to work early on a Monday because she doesn’t like missing out for the 2 days over the weekend. Michelle does do this because she is dedicated but the reason behind that is that she loves what she does.

General Happiness

Because Michelle chose a career doing what she loves, the result is that she is one of the happiest people that I know. Even when she is highly strung or working hard for a particular case, I have never seen her looking down or feeling miserable and I have no doubt that all of this is because she chose a career path doing something that she adored.