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What type of surgery can I afford?

Plastic surgery has been around for many years, however, only as of recently has it has become affordable to the working man and woman. What used to be for the extremely rich or celebrities in the public eye, is now affordable even using a clinic which performs good practice such as Sono Bello. With it becoming more common most surgeries also offer payment plans, which make it even more possible for the working and middle class to be able to get surgery and pay in monthly, affordable instalments, instead of a much larger one-off payment. Take a look at just some of the plastic surgeries which are available and affordable for you:

Breast reduction or enhancing

Becoming more and more popular among the population of the United States is breast enhancement surgery because of the low risks it has, as well as the great results people have been getting over the last few years. A good surgeon in most cases will be able to do an operation of this kind with almost no visible scarring, making it an extremely popular way for someone to get the breasts they have always wanted. On the other hand, many women are deciding to reduce the size of their breasts in order to eliminate back pain that they are experiencing.


This procedure has been around for many years however now it is more affordable than ever. Liposuction allows you to have the fat siphoned out of a particularly bulbous part of your body. Although sometimes people encourage exercise in order to reduce the bulge in a certain area, sometimes no matter how hard you exercise a certain area just will not go down in size, that´s when liposuction comes in.

Feature altering

Many people have something which they are not so fond of on their face, in some cases it is their chin in others it could be their nose. It is very possible to have certain insecurities on your face made more to your liking, such as, chin reducing surgery, rhinoplasty or cheek bone surgery. It´s recommended if deciding to undergo one of these types of surgery that you find an expert surgeon the particular area thatr you wish to change, and that they understand exactly how you want your feature to look like when altered.


A facelift is mainly for people who are gaining sagging parts of their face or wrinkles due to aging. Everybody ages, including the celebrities that we see every day on the TV, in many cases, the celebrities that you cannot believe are age 50 60 or 70 have undergone a facelift surgery in order to preserve their youth and keep looking as young as possible in front of the cameras.

Above are just 4 different types of surgery that are affordable these days. Remember that before making any decision to have surgery that even though they may be affordable, you need to be sure that is what you want because they will still cost you a lot of money and they will be permanent so ensuring you get it right is imperative.