How can I study online?

The internet, as we know, is a huge tool used for many things by many different people. Online there are a bunch of courses that you can find from college level degrees like a doctorate in education online to guitar courses. Take a look at some of the different ways you can study online

Recorded Audio/Video lectures

This type of learning has been around for a fair amount of time and usually involves audio and video lectures from some of the finest lecturers in the country much like the Thomas Rollins Teaching style, giving you the ability to learn from them from anywhere in the country and at any time you wish to watch them. You can normally buy multiple videos as a course or simply one at a time, this is not specifically only for online, however as of recently, online has become the most popular way of buying and selling the lectures.

Online lectures and seminars

Online lectures and seminars are becoming more and more popular. There are a range of different types of courses available and you normally will need to be enrolled on a course in order to see these lectures. They will usually be at a scheduled time, and function almost identically to a physical lecture or seminar. Usually at the end there is a time period to ask the lecturer questions and because they are part of a course, you normally have the ability to ask the course leader any questions via email after the lecture, as well as receive course material through an online portal.

Individual video call classes

Many people are now starting to take classes using video calls. One of the most popular types of classes or courses available to take using this method are language classes. It offers a plethora of advantages such as being able to have classes from a native speaker of the language you are learning, being able to save on travel for either you or the teacher, often they can be cheaper due to the location of the teacher and much more. If you are considering learning a language and wish to have taught classes, this method is highly recommended.

Tablet/Smartphone application learning

If you were to search the application store on your phone at this minute, then something that you probably didn’t know is that you can find is a great number of courses such as basic programming, language learning or business courses. These courses are most likely going to be of no importance to a potential employer however if you are wishing to get some free and portable education then checking out what your smartphone or tablet has to offer is always worth it.

Those are just some of the ways that you can gain an education using the internet. If you decide to go ahead and look at starting an online course, be sure to do your research before you pay and enroll, remember not to go too cheap, cheaper courses are not always going to be the best, so do your research!