Camping can be a fun and adventurous undertaking. Many who love going camping look at the activity as a chance to get back in touch with nature and to rough it in the wild outdoors. Some take it to the extreme and do not bring any modern conveniences on their camping trips. They sleep out in the open, catch whatever food they will eat during the camping trip, cook their food over an open fire, and even find ways to use nature for their toilet activities.

While this style of bare bones camping is attractive to a large group of people, there are others who are completely scared off by the thought of it. They cannot imagine being completely disconnected from civilization and away from their devices and toilet paper.

For this reason, when you try to get these people interested in taking a camping trip they typically decline.

However there have been great advances in camping tech that now makes camping quite comfortable for everyone. And even those who do not like camping can find comforts that can make them give camping a second chance. Here are a few of the latest tech devices that making camping feel like home.

Full Coverage Phone Service

One of the big concerns that people who do not like camping have is that they will be completely disconnected from the outside world. They fear that a wild animal might attack or flash flood occurs, and they will have no access to communicate with anyone and let them know of the disaster.

However today because of full mobile phone coverage, there are very few places that do not have phone service. No matter how deep you are in the woods, there is a very good chance that you will be able to call anyone to come save you. If you have any concerns about an animal taking your phone, you can customize your iPhone 8 with a skin that will make it blend in with the forest, so that no animal can find it. Just make sure that you remember where you put it so you can find it when you need it.


Global positioning allows you use your phone to track wherever you are. You can find your location and also broadcast this location to anyone. For those who are afraid to get lost in the woods, GPS can help you to find your way out from any unknown area. GPS can also lead you to help. Map apps using GPS can direct you towards a road, a freeway, the police, or a hospital. With GPS available on all smartphones, you are never lost when you go camping.

Solar Powered Lights

Solar power has provided many benefits to camping including phone chargers and stoves that work by the power of the sun. One of the biggest areas of concern for campers is what happens when it gets dark. For those that love the outdoors and being in wide open spaces at night, there is little to fear. But for those who have a fear of the dark and what might be lurking in it, being outdoors in the middle of the night with no way to illuminate the areas around you other than a flashlight, is terrifying. Today however you can purchase solar powered LED lights that will charge while you on the trail and hold that charge for the entire night.  The light from the LEDs illuminate a large area around your tent and sleeping bag so you will never be in the dark throughout the night.

These are only a few of the tech gadgets available to help those who don’t like to camp get comfortable with the outdoors anytime of the day and night.