Everyone loves to travel but most of us are concerned about the finances required. Travelers incur lots of different costs, and if you are on a budget, you can feel that getting to see places you love around the world is outside of your financial capabilities. However, smart travelers look for travel deals and have come up with ways that they can go anywhere and do it on a budget. Here are some of the guidelines they follow when they travel.

Your Transportation

One of the biggest costs for your travel will typically be your transportation, particularly if you are taking a plane to your destination. Luckily, there are easy ways to save lots of money on air travel. Whether you are taking a domestic or international trip, you can find great online websites that offer low price tickets on nearly any airline and to every destination.

You should check early because booking early will get you the best prices. Also your destination might have a high and a low season when ticket prices for flights will change dramatically. If you choose to take your trip during low season, you can save sometimes more than 50% off the same ticket.

You should also map out your transportation at your destination. Will you be taking public transportation or renting a car? Are you in a group that will have a van? Clearly understand the routes and how to get to the places you want to visit. In some countries hiring a car is really cheap and in others the opposite is true. Find out in advance the best way to get around and you can save lots of money.

Your Hotel

Hotels are another area where you can spend lots of money, and where can save a lot if you book in advance. Many hotels provide special offers to passengers of certain airlines or those who use a particular credit card. You can also look at sites like AirBNB for even greater discounts. Remember, these sites offer rooms where you will have to do your own cleaning, and you have to check on what amenities will be available. Odds are there will be less than what you would find at a hotel.

If you really want to go low budget, you can look for local hostels. Hostels are places where you sleep in dormitory type setting with several other people in a large room. These accommodations cost a fraction of a hotel but have limited privacy. You will have to share a bathroom and make sure the place is safe and clean, but if you like being social, it can be a great way to meet other travelers. The key is to make sure the hostel you choose is reputable. Look for positive online reviews of any place you are considering.

Your Food

Depending on your destination, food costs can be significant. Consider eating locally when you arrive and look to stay away from the touristy areas where the food prices will always be inflated. Similarly, do not eat at the hotel because their prices will always be high. Do some research about prices for local food so you can tell if you are being over charged. In the end being aware can save you lots of money on food costs.


Part of traveling is the activities you can enjoy at your destination. You want to do all you can, but you also want to be financially frugal while you do. Try and plan out your activities and then find the cheapest way to enjoy them. Look for packages that get you into local hotspots like museums and galleries.

Often there is a deal to be had if you visit more than one and buy the tickets in advance. Search for deals online for local spas and massage. If you are bringing the kids, theme parks and kids museums will often offer half price if you come on weekdays instead of busy weekends.

The important thing is to plan early and do your research. Set your budget and if you are short on cash, consider a quick and easy payday loan. You will be surprised at how much you can save by taking this approach. In the end you will see how easy it is to travel the world on a budget.