David J Turlington – Want to be a Lawyer? Check Here to See if You Have The Skills

Being an attorney at law has been a highly respectable and desirable profession for many students since law first began. This is a position which not only commands respect, power and a handsome salary, it is also a highly rewarding profession.

Being an attorney like David J Turlington however, is not like you see in movies and TV shows where the attorneys win cases on their own after heart stopping courtroom speeches, the reality is a little different. Amongst lawyers however, you will find many similarities and there is a core skill set which lawyers possess that allow them to do the job which they do. If you are interested in following a career as an attorney, here are the skills which you will need to possess.

Work Ethic

If you are even going to entertain the possibility of a career as an attorney, you first need to ask yourself how hard you are willing to work for it. In order to become a lawyer, you first need to work to an exceptional level in high school and college just to get into law school. Once you have achieved your place in law school, you can expect an incredibly tough time as you study for long hours in the hopes of achieving the best grade possible. Finally, once you have finished law school, you can expect a job which requires you to work extremely long hours, seven days per week, without a solid work ethic you will not be able to succeed in this kind of career.

Team Player

Being a lawyer is not a one-man show and you need to be able to work as part of a team if you are looking to forge a successful career. Every case is worked on by a large group of legal professionals and throughout your career you may need to play any one of the roles within that team. It is important therefore that you understand how to be a team player and that you can put your ego to one side for the good of the team.

Analytical Abilities

Both studying to be a lawyer and actually being a lawyer requires a great deal of data processing. You will need to have a great memory for previous cases and the law itself as well as being able to pore through huge amounts of information and be able to pick out the relevant parts for your case. This is something which you must have a natural ability for as learning to process such data can be incredibly difficult. With this being said, it is never too late to start improving your abilities when it comes to processing large amount of information and being able to spot the key pieces, the trick is to practice as much as you can.

If you are looking for a career that is going to test you, that will be rewarding for you and that will see you representing a wide range of people in the search for justice, being an attorney is a great career choice for you.