Jonathan Lauter MD – What Skills Do Doctors Actually Need

I have recently seen many videos on Facebook and Twitter that are fooling the mind of many that just about anyone can become a doctor and specialize in everything to do with the human body. A friend of mine from New York recently got in touch with me about this and I had to break the bad news to her in a brutal email. The video shows a ‘med school’ which accepts anyone regardless of their school grades, sadly this is a hoax.

To become a doctor you need to have outstanding grades in both school and college before being able to get into medical school. Along with the qualifications, you must also display core skills like the great doctor Jonathan Lauter MD and if you want to know what they are, this is what you really need to have to become a doctor.

Outstanding Work Ethic

The amount of work which doctors must put in to become a doctor in the first place and then to manage their daily lives is absolutely staggering and if you want a career as a doctor, you will need to be able to do the same. Doctors work incredibly long hours and each day presents a new set of challenges and situations which you must navigate.

High Intelligence

With the greatest will in the world, without having an extremely high level of intelligence, becoming a doctor is bound to be pretty difficult. The reason for such high intelligence is because the inner workings of the human body are highly complex and very specific and you must be able to understand all of the processes and the impacts that can be had on the body.

Team Working

Doctors do not cure people or offer treatment alone and they make up a large team of medical professionals who work on a particular case. For this reason a doctor must be able to work as part of a team setting and they must be able to push their egos or bad relations to one side for the good of the patient.

Forever a Student

The learning does not stop once you have passed medical school and because medical advancements are happening all of the time, doctors must keep their finger on the pulse of what is happening in their field. For this reason it is vital that doctors always have a willingness to learn and to keep studying so that they can do their job to the best of their ability.


Whilst it is important that doctors leave emotions out when they are treating a patient, they must be able to offer some empathy towards them in what can be a very worrying situation. Both the patient and their family are likely to be scared and confused and a little empathy from a doctor can go a very long way.

These are the core skills which every doctor needs and there is an educational path that must also be followed, don’t believe the hoax, hard work and core skills is what can gain you a career as a doctor.