What to See When You Are In Mexico City

After I finished college 2 years ago, my buddy Marc Hagins and I decided that we would hit the road and take a few months out to explore the Americas before we faced the grim reality of looking for a job. Throughout our journey we saw Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia and Costa Rica before finishing our trip in Mexico City. The whole trip blew me away and each and every destination was better than the last. The one place which I did fall in love with though, and the city that I ended up staying in and now live, was Mexico City. This incredible city is filled with things to do, places to go and wonders to see and if you are planning a trip here, I have put together a small list of things that you cannot leave without doing.


Just outside Mexico City, in the north, is they ancient city of Teotihuacan, this incredible archaeological site was once the home of both the Mayas and the Aztecs and it has been almost perfectly preserved. Within the complex of the site there are two huge pyramids, the pyramid of the sun and the pyramid of the moon which you are able to climb up if you have the energy.

Plaza de Constitucion

This plaza is the main square in the historic center of Zocalo, and here you will find regular events and activities. The square is where you will also find the old cathedral and the government buildings which have stood for centuries. The square is also where many presidential ceremonies take place and if you are in luck you may find something going on whilst you are there.

Anthropology Museum

Museum is like a mecca fro museum lovers and there are over 150 in this city alone, the most famous of which being the anthropology museum, a museum with artifacts that date back thousands of years. Such is the impressive display which this museum offers, many scientists, archaeologists and historians from around the world have studied the collections of mesa-american history.


Close to the museum of anthropology you will find a huge open space called Chapultepec, one of the largest urban parks in the world. Inside the park you can relax and watch the world pass you by, you can take a small boat out on the lake or you could simply wander about and feed the squirrels that are jumping around all over the place. It is nice to get out of the city chaos for a while and that is exactly what you can do in Chapultepec.

Plaza Garibaldi

A trip to Mexico City wouldn’t be complete without seeing a Mariachi band and this is exactly what you will find in Plaza Garibaldi. In this area you will see a large amount of Mariachi groups offering to play you a song for a price and it will give you a perfect introduction into Mexican culture.