The Biggest Advantage of Running Digital Projects

It is becoming increasingly common for companies to run digital projects. Rather than having everyone sitting together in the same office, this approach sees the team made up of people scattered around the country or around the world.

While this might seem like a more difficult approach, the truth is that there are some big advantages to working in this way. You can carry out a wider range of projects and call on as many diverse skills as you need in the future.

The following are some of the main advantages of working in this way.

Lower Overheads

A big issue with traditional projects is that they can be very expensive to run. Full time salaries, consultant costs and premises can all add up to a lot of money every month, regardless of what other budget is needed for the projects themselves.

By adopting a digital approach, you remove a lot of these costs at a stroke. For example, if all of your project team members are remotely based freelancers then you only need to pay them for the work done each time.

Of course, a high degree of organisation is needed to make this work. You might need to deal with people in different time zones and from different business cultures. It goes without saying that great communication skills are needed to keep everyone working in the same way.

A Great Selection of Resources

Finding the right people to fill each role can prove to be awkward. Depending where you are based, the jobs market might be highly competitive or it could be that there are few candidates that meet your requirements.

By working on a digital basis, you can choose from project experts from all round the planet. Do you need someone who has completed their PRINCE2 Foundation Training or an Agile expert? Should they have programming skills or be experienced in using Word or Excel on an advanced basis?

It can take time to find the perfect resources but it is definitely worth the effort. Over time you will have a good mixture of experts that you can choose from for every new project that you set up.

Look for Local Knowledge and Specialist Skills

Not every project requires the same set of knowledge and skills as others. In some cases, you might have a very specific set of needs for your project team. This is especially true in a multi-national company that operates in different industries or areas.

In this case, it makes a lot of sense to look for people who can give you the local knowledge and specialist skills that you need. This is obviously a lot easier to do when you run digital projects that allow you to hire workers from anywhere that suits you.

A Lot of Flexibility

Overall, the biggest advantage to doing this is the high degree of flexibility that it offers. You can feel confident that you are in a strong position to deal with any type of project that comes your way from now on.

On a digital project you can have people working at different hours and in different languages if you need to. Some companies find it easier to have a small permanent project team in their office and then a larger, highly flexible remote team to call on as needed.

The decision to set up a digital project team is something that can bring you some high benefits in the future. It does require some extra effort to get up and running but once this is achieved the flexibility of this approach will shine through.