What To Do When You Are In A Semi Truck Accident

If you get into an accident when you are in your Semi Truck, you are likely to be a bit panicked and not quite sure what you need to do. However, the next steps that you take can impact your record for life, making it important for you to be careful and confident in your actions. Aside from calling a lawyer such as Fisher and Talwar, there are few things you do before law enforcement arrives and you speak to anyone.

1. Take Note Of What You Were Doing

Some of the more common causes of driver accidents are lack of maintenance, fatigue, distraction, and even the actual loads on your truck. Think about what you were doing in the few minutes before the accident, and try to determine if anything felt out of the norm or made you uncomfortable. If you felt sleepy, were going over the speed limit, had skipped replacing your tires, or felt the load shift, it is important to keep track of this information and tell your lawyer.

2. Call Your Company

The company that you are working for will need to know that you have been in an accident, what happened, and if there has been any injury to you, other people, or the cargo that you were carrying. Try to be concise in your explanation, do not express guilt, go into too many details, or do anything other than give them the information that they need to begin processing their legal obligations as your employer.

3. Don’t Speak To Anyone Without Your Lawyer

If you are asked to give a statement or pushed to talk about what happened, ask to have your lawyer present to ensure that you do not incriminate yourself or make statements that take blame you should not actually be handling. It does not make you suspicious if you want your lawyer, it makes you smart. This will also give you a witness who is well trusted by the court system who can swear to what you did and didn’t say in any given situation.

4. Keep Track Of Any Situations Where You Felt Uncomfortable

Finally, a large number of truckers have found that their companies push them to act in unsafe ways. If you have been told to put off maintenance, drive faster than you feel comfortable with, take fewer breaks than necessary, or drive at times that you feel too tired to work, then you should relay that to your lawyer. This information will help determine if you are at fault or if your employer is at fault.

In any accident that involves a large truck, there is likely a very large amount of damage involved. Trying to fumble your way through the first steps after an accident can get the liability, and thus the bill for the damage, placed in your lap. Taking the time to go over everything with your lawyer and protect yourself may just help you keep your job and keep you out of debt.