Tips on Finding the Right Immigration Lawyer

Immigration processes can be very difficult for many people to understand and whilst there is no necessary requirement that you must use a lawyer, it is in everyone’s best interest to do so. Law firms and the lawyers who work within it are experts in their field who can ensure a swift and easy process for anyone looking to update their immigration status. Finding the right immigration attorney will be the first step, and we spoke to a highly respected Los Angeles immigration attorney to find out some tips on how you can get the best person for the job.

You Get What You Pay For

If possible, try not to let the amount of money which an attorney charges to dictate whether or not you use them, in most cases the cheaper option means a poorer service. Many attorneys simply may not be very good at their job, others may be juggling many cases at once and this could lead to your case taking longer. If you are able to spend on a good attorney, it is highly recommended that you do so.


It is always better to use a law firm or an attorney who has been vouched for by someone else, so it is important that you dig around for referrals. These are of course better if they come from family and friends, but if not you can use social media to find out the experiences of others.

Asking For References

As well as getting referrals prior to finding an attorney, you shod also ask for references once you have found a law firm which you think may be the right choice. A good attorney should have no issues at all providing you with a list fo happy clients, and you shouldn’t be afraid to ask.


When it comes to the cost of the service, most immigration law firms will charge you by the hour, although there are some who will give you a fixed fee for the service. A fixed fee in this situation is far better for you as you will have a solid idea of how much it will all cost. Once you get to the topic of money, don’t be afraid to negotiate to get a lower price, there is always a little room for movement.


It is vitally important that you select a lawyer who speaks your language, especially given the technical nature of much of this process. Any great immigration law firm will have people in-house that speak a range of languages, and the importance of this cannot be stressed enough. Not only will you need a bilingual attorney to help you with the day to day running of the case, you will also need important documents translated so that you understand exactly what is going on.

Take your time and sit down with a few different attorneys prior to making your decision, the immigration process is very important and must be done right, and you must feel comfortable with the lawyer that you have picked.