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The Problems You Could Solve By Running Agile Projects

There are many different ways of running your projects. The chief difference comes down to the methodology that you use for them.

In this respect, there are some excellent reasons for going with the Agile approach. If you haven’t yet worked with the Agile method then you may be interested in seeing how it could work for you.

Slow, Ponderous Projects

Some projects just seem to amble on forever, with the final results taking ages to reveal themselves. This is a pain for several reasons. For a start, it usually means committing more resources and waiting longer before it has a positive impact on the business.

With Agile work, the idea is that you get to the end as quickly as is reasonable. This means that you don’t need to spend months doing what could be done in weeks.

Part of the reason for this is that these are more focussed pieces of work. It also kicks off as soon as possible, rather than being delayed for ages waiting for requirements to be gathered and agreed upon. However, that certainly doesn’t mean the overall quality is sacrificed in any way.

Unhappy Customers and Stakeholders

No project can be classed as a success if the people who are going to use the solution aren’t happy. Unfortunately, there are plenty of situations in which the customers end up getting something that they don’t really want or need.

Agile projects help greatly in this respect. This is partly down to the fact that customer get more involved with the work. They get to take part in regular meetings, where they can voice their opinion and help to shape the future direction of the project.

It is also worth bearing in mind that your project team members will also be happy with this approach. When you provide Agile Courses London for them it adds another string to their bow and develops their career. This is also a fast and fun way or running projects that people tend to enjoy.

Poor Results and Solutions That Don’t Work

The worst thing to happen to any project is the discovery right at the end that the solution doesn’t work like it was meant to. Whether it is a new system, a re-designed process or something else, the success of the solution often hangs in the balance right until the very end.

When it comes to Agile ways of working, the testing is carried out as you go rather than left right to the end. This is tremendously useful, as it lets you see how things are going and adapt your approach if necessary.

Everyone who works on the project knows how it is progressing and whether it is on target to deliver what is needed. There are no nasty surprises or serious doubts about whether the whole thing is going to work out well in the end. This means that the piece of work can have a more controlled feel to it from start to finish.

Slow to React to Changes

Finally, not every project runs smoothly all the way through. One of the major problems that they run into is when the customer asks for changes to be made. This can be a real hassle and it often taken the project team far too much time to react to this.

With the Agile methodology, the idea is that they are a lot quicker to react to any changes. This enables them to keep everyone happy by doing what is asked of them instead of slavishly sticking to a set plan no matter what happens in the real world.