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What Kind of Project Is Suitable for Agile?

The idea of moving over to running Agile projects is extremely tempting. There is no doubt that this popular methodology has won over a huge number of admirers lately due to its range of benefits.

As with any other way of working, the way that you choose to use it is crucial. To make the most out of Agile projects, it is important that you choose this methodology for the right pieces of work. How will you be sure that you make the right choices, though?

A Project That Needs to Be Delivered Quickly

One of the things that a lot of project managers particularly like about Agile is that it lets them make swift progress. This can be crucial in helping to get through an important project quickly but without rushing or making any compromises along the way.

It is clear that some pieces of work are more urgent than others. Maybe you need to put something in place to sort out a major problem or to react to something that has happened in the market.

This type of project can prove to be extremely stressful in other situations, as the pressure is on to deliver results in very little time. Yet, if your team members have undergone Agile Training then they will be ready to work quickly without any loss of quality.

A Project That the Stakeholders Are Keen to Be Hand-On With

Every project manager knows that stakeholders all take different approaches. Some are extremely hands-on while others prefer to simply take a back seat while they wait for the finished product to arrive in due course.

Agile methodology is especially interesting for those stakeholders who want to get deeply involved with what is going on. This is the type of stakeholder who knows what they want and is keen to make their voice heard. They may get frustrated with other ways of running projects.

With Agile, these people will be pleased to see that the project team wants them to play a big part in the work. This is done by holding regular meetings where progress is reviewed and the way forward is planned. The project team get help in finding the way forward and the stakeholders get to feel as though they are truly contributing.

A Project That Is Unclear

Some projects are trickier than others. One of the reasons for this is that some of them are unclear at the very start. It may be obvious that something needs to be done but perhaps no one really know what that something is and how it can be implemented.

When this is the problem, it helps to work with a methodology that lets you get started and work out the best approach as you go. This is exactly what Agile does. There is absolutely no need to spend endless hours working out a comprehensive plan right at the very beginning of it ll.

A project that is unclear will become more obvious s you work your way through it. This is a great approach for anyone who wants to get started quickly and work out the fine details as they progress. This also makes it an exciting way to work, as you get to see how the project progresses on the basis of what you have done so far.

It is definitely the case that there are many types of project that can be carried out using Agile methods. Some companies use this for all of their projects, while others may simply turn to it when they think that a particular piece of work is suitable for it.