George Ammar confirms the key to success is getting up and getting out there.

George Ammar an Ohio Chief Financial Officer who is based in Cleveland, Ohio is a first rate businessman. He is the founder and owner of Ohio CFO LLC and he is CPA certified. He believes that health, fitness and an active and healthy lifestyle have helped make him successful. He believes in the power and healing properties of getting a good night’s sleep.

Getting up early is a characteristic that is shared by a lot of really successful people. Benjamin Franklin was an early riser as was Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter. Entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson also believe that getting up early gives them a head start on the day. So, how do they do it you may ask and how can I become a successful early riser and feel good about it. Top tips include a subtle slow change to your alarm time. Start by reducing it by fifteen minutes until you are used to that time and then continue this process until you have got it to the time you wish to rise. Do not think that this can stop for the weekend though; your body clock does not recognise that this is the weekend. Your body clock will become confused and you will be irritable. You need to make this a new time to rise every day of the week.

You may think that this next point is obvious but you will need to start getting to bed earlier so that you are still getting enough sleep. Another excellent tip is to avoid snoozing through the day which will affect your body clock. Do you think successful businessman such as George Ammar, pack up work and have an afternoon snooze? Also when your alarm goes off do not reach for the snooze button, you will not feel better after another fifteen minutes in a half asleep state. One good way to avoid this is by leaving your alarm at the opposite end of the room to your bed so that you have to physically rise up and reach out to turn it off.

You need to create a mind-set where you are ready to jump out of bed and seize the day; literally jumping from the bed will get your adrenaline pumping and help you attack the day. You need to be excited about the day ahead. On the evening before you sleep think about all of the exciting things you have to do the next day, be glad to be alive and fit and well. Do not over excite yourself to the point where you cannot sleep. If you do not get excited about your life and your day it will not matter what time you will get up, you will still feel unenthusiastic and demotivated.

Once you gradually work your way through this process, changing your alarm times and look forward to your day ahead and you continue with this through the weekends whilst maintaining your level of sleep, you will be successful with your day. You will feel happier and motivated and will be much more productive. You are then likely to be more successful in whatever you chose to do, just like George Ammar.