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Jonah Engler: Living in New York City, the Greatest City in the World

New York City is home to 8 million inhabitants and each has a different story it is said. And even with street vendors who are scammers committing fraud on so many corners, to one degree or another, New York City is a unique and special place. if you want around however and ask each resident what makes the city great, you might find a variety of answers and some that even conflict with others.

The city never sleeps

New York or the Big Apple is known as the city that never sleeps. Just about anything you want in New York City at any hour of the day is available. Residents like Jonah Engler can choose to have a hamburger at 4 in the morning, or even go dancing at 3 in the afternoon. There many places that will provide the venue for both. There’s always something going on that’s exciting in and around the city whether it is a festival, Affair, parade, or an exhibit, you will find them in abundance all around the city all year round. Many residents love this aspect of the city and feel as if they won’t be able to find this anywhere else in the country. That is an accurate statement.

There’s very little discrimination

Because New York City is so crowded and has every race of people on Earth, its inhabitants find themselves next to people of nearly every race, and religion every day.  This forced togetherness gives New York City residents the chance to experience first-hand the multitude of people and beliefs that most other citizens in the country only hear or read about. When you actually live around other groups, there is much less racial tension and discrimination. This is certainly the case in New York and most New Yorkers appreciate the diversity.

New Yorkers are honest

Some people feel that New Yorkers are too “in your face”. However what doesn’t get setting up is that New Yorkers are also very honest. They will tell you exactly how they feel and exactly what they feel about you, so you will never have to guess where you stand with the New Yorker. They’re also very knowledgeable about politics and world affairs so you can ask the average New Yorker how they feel about any large topic and chances are you’ll get a detail and insightful answer. Residents of the city love this about this city and don’t understand why other cities haven’t developed a similar reputation.

The city has four perfect seasons

New York City has a beautiful spring and autumn a very warm summer and a very cold winter. Many residents love the fact that the city has four distinct seasons, that each have their own characteristics. The summer is marked by extreme heat, everyone wears skimpy clothing, and enjoys going to the beaches and other places to cool off. The autumn is often called the most beautiful time in New York because the leaves are changing the weather is getting cooler and the nights are getting shorter. Winters in New York can be brutal with lots of snow and high dusting winds. But it also gives the chance to wear warm winter clothes and snuggle up with those you love. Spring in New York is glorious with new leaves coming to the trees and lovers walking through Central Park. The four seasons in New York are legendary.

There are many other reasons why residents of this fantastic city are proud to live here. but these give you a bit of insight into why so many people call New York City home.