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Here’s How Most Car Accidents Can be Avoided

We live in a time where automobiles occupy our public roads all day. These heavy and increasingly technical machines ferry us from place to place and allow us privacy while this occurs. Because there are so many cars on the road and humans operate them, it is unavoidable that many will be in accidents at one time or another. With so many accidents it is often easy to accept that they are not avoidable, and in many cases this is true. Accidents happen due to mechanical failure, weather conditions, and unforeseen circumstances that cause drivers to not be able to avoid them.

But most accidents happen for different reasons that are all human error. And these accidents are mostly avoidable. These accidents are the most tragic and they also are the ones where victims need the help of an effective car accident law firm like Utah based Christensen & Hymas to make sure that you have representation that can get compensation for any injuries they may suffer.  

Following is a list of the most common avoidable causes for car accidents  and how they can be avoided.

No Texting and Driving

 Driving can often be tedious and the mind can search for things to occupy itself. A long while ago this usually meant the radio and the biggest concern was  that loud music would drown out important sounds on the road; a passing ambulance siren screaming or a car skidding towards you for example. Today’s distractions tend to be more involving and are often talking or texting on the phone and even some people watching video while they drive. These distractions are much more involving for drivers and can take their attention completely away from driving.  As a result there has been an explosion in the amount of car accidents caused by distracted drivers. You might think that taking your eyes or attention off the road for a second or less is not such a bad thing. But studies have shown that that less than a second time period actually is more like 4 seconds because of the time it takes you to refocus on the road after being distracted. If you are constantly doing this, you could actually be spending half your time distracted while behind the wheel. Obviously this is unacceptable and is the reason why texting and talking while driving are illegal activities in nearly every state and watching video while driving is illegal everywhere. When you drive, avoid all distractions that you can control. It will mean a safer road for you and everyone else on the road.

Never Drive Under the Influence

If you have heard it one time, you have head it a thousand times, driving under the influence is the close thing to a guarantee that you will cause a traffic accident. This group is the number one cause of avoidable accidents in the US and campaigns continue to be marketed to remind people to never get behind the wheel of a car when they are impaired. When you drink alcohol or take illegal or many prescription medications your judgment, vision or balance will be off and you will not be able to handle the factors that you will encounter on the road. This contrasts with how you need to be which is alert, ready and calm. Although there has been a decrease in the amount of fatalities and accidents from impaired drivers, the numbers remain way too high hospitals remain filled with driving while impaired victims.


Tailgating is when a driver drives too close to the car in front at a speed that does not allow for stopping if the front car stops suddenly. Many people do not pay attention to how close they are to the car in front and this can lead to really bad accidents. A good rule of thumb is you should be two car lengths for every ten miles per hour you are driving in order to ensure you are a safe distance.

The thing to keep in mind is that if you have been drinking or are under the influence of drugs, you will feel like you are in control and can handle your vehicle on the road. This false sense of control and security is what prompts too many people to get behind the wheel. The reality is that your reduced reaction time, lack of awareness and limited vision is a recipe for disaster. The short of it is, never drive impaired. Give the keys to someone else, or take an Uber. Your family will thank you later.