4 Tips to Avoid an Accident with a Semi-Truck

Car accidents are already quite dangerous, now take that danger and multiply it when you factor in a semi-truck. For regular car drivers the chances of things going wrong in a collision is especially bad due to the disparity between a car and a semi-truck in terms of weight and size. While most semi-truck drivers are skilled drivers accidents still happen often due to carelessness and a general lack in education on the part of other drivers. Here are some truck accident prevention tips to keep everyone a little safer on the roads.

Trucks Are Difficult to Drive

The first absolutely important point to note is for regular drivers to always keep in mind that a semi-truck is difficult to drive. Trucks can not maneuver the same way a regular car can and thus should never be treated like they are the same. Weather as well as the sheer size and weight of a truck ups the chances that a truck can loose control so drivers should be prepared in order to protect themselves.

Keep A Good Distance

For those that have never driven a semi-truck, they may not realize how difficult it can be to maneuver one. Trucks need more time to brake or change lanes to keep from tipping or having any other issues with cargo. Drivers should do themselves and the truck driver a favor and give that semi-truck some room, giving the truck several car spaces in front and behind so that nobody gets hit.

Avoid Blind Spots

Taking special care to watch for cars in blind spots is a tip taught to every new driver, but it is especially important to keep in mind how much larger a truck driver’s blind spot is. Never drive alongside a semi-truck if it can be avoided lest a driver finds themselves boxed in with no way out. If it is necessary to pass, don’t pull alongside the truck unless the way ahead is clear and the truck can be passed quickly.

Don’t Pullover On A Shoulder

If you find yourself in an emergency and need to pull over doing so on the shoulder is to be avoided. Choose a side road or grass instead if at all possible. Because of how elevated the cab is on a truck it may be difficult for truck drivers to see a car sitting on the side of the road. If a driver ends up with no choice but to pull over on a shoulder then it is important that they get out of their car immediately and wait at a safer location.

Many of these tips will seem like common sense but one can never be too careful when safety is on the line. Getting stuck in traffic next to several trucks can be scary, but as long as a driver is vigilant and keeps the differences between regular cars and semi-trucks in mind than it’ll be easier to drive with confidence.