Who among us wouldn’t like to be able to find more time to just breathe and enjoy the moment? In a world that’s constantly moving, it can be difficult to find ten or twenty minutes each day to meditate; and even when we can, it’s hard to know where to start sometimes.


Today, we’ve put together this list of apps that can help you learn to meditate easily. Armed with nothing more than your phone or tablet, you can begin practising mindfulness and soon be on your way to achieving nirvana.. Or, at least, getting rid of any stress you might be feeling for a while.

And, if that’s how you’re feeling, we hope that you’ll start to feel a little more refreshed—spiritually—when you try them out.

Headspace [Android,iOS / Free to Try, Subscription Available]

Headspace is, perhaps, the most popular meditation app out there. Marketed as “a bit of a gym membership for the mind”, Headspace provides a massive selection of mindfulness and meditation exercises users can practice as and when they can make time for them.

To start off with, you get access to the “Try 10” exercises, which—as the name suggests—allow you to use ten different programs to see how the app works for you. If you find that you love Headspace, you can then start to think about subscribing for full access to the app. Prices for subscription are more than reasonable when you consider what you’re actually getting.

Headspace has exercises which are tuned for every aspect of modern life; whether you’re looking to boost your relationship, work performance, athletic performance, or just calm down during those heated moments, this is definitely a great app to help you get started with meditation.

Insight Timer [Android, iOS / Free]

Insight Timer is somewhat similar to Headspace, in that it provides access to a fairly expansive set of programs. In fact, there are over 4,500 guided meditation and mindfulness exercises here, provided by over 1,000 meditation practitioners.

One particularly nice feature of this app is its ability to let you set background signals and noises to help you keep tabs on where about you are in your current meditation program (i.e. once a certain amount of time has elapsed).

Insight Timer is free on Android and iOS, and well worth a look for anyone who is interested in starting a daily meditation practice.

Buddhify [Android $2.99/iOS $4.99]

Buddhify is another excellent programme, and—like Headspace—it provides access to meditation and mindfulness exercises tailored for a wide variety of situations; whether you’re having trouble sleeping, or just need a break from work, Buddhify has a guided program you can use to help you achieve your goals.

Meditation is an incredibly healthy habit to develop, and the benefits have been shown to impact practitioners in many different areas of their lives. These apps are just a small sampling of what’s out there, but we definitely recommend you give them a go if you think you’d be interested in meditating.