Classic Look, Modern Energy: 3 Sports Cars Embracing New Tech

For many years sports cars have been considered the mean, lean and powerful vehicles which have been stripped down their bare essentials in order to achieve two things, speed and beauty. In recent years however we have seen a shift by sports cars manufacturers, as they now have began to rely more heavily on technology inside the car, to offer better performance, and a more user-friendly approach. We spoke to some of the experts atĀ, to get a further understanding of the reasons behind this sudden desire in technology in sports cars, and also looked at 3 of the hottest sports cars right now, that are embracing modern technology, let’s take a look.

BMW i8

The perfect measure of just how far ahead of the tech game the BMW i8 was when they released it in 2014, is that the new 2018 model features only a small number of changes, and it is still way ahead of the market. This is a sports car that was designed to be a technological masterpiece, whilst still offering all of the benefits of a sports car, both of which it has excelled at. Features such as a propulsion system which combines gas and electric, LED lighting, butterfly doors, in-car entertainment and an electric driving range of almost 20 miles, are what makes this sports car a tech-lovers dream.

Porsche 911

There isn’t a more iconic sports car in the world than the Porsche 911 and since the 1960s this has been the industry benchmark for a road-worthy sports car. In 2017 the 911 was given a technological makeover, to help bring this classic into the modern age, and the results were wonderful. Inside the car you can turn your Porsche into a Wi-Fi hotspot with 4G LTE capability, the Porsche Communication Management system comes with navigational displays and smartphone integration, all of which can be operated via voice. Regarding the performance of the car, there are over 60 sensors throughout the parts of the vehicle, which are constantly in contact with each other, to ensure you the most efficient and smoothest drive possible.

Audi R8

Audi are no stranger to technology and have, for many years, been leaders in the field when it comes to the level of high range tech which their cars have featured. The 2017 model Audi R8 is a further example of how sports cars can get the tech treatment, and how Audi seem to always get things right from a tech point of view. The R8 has a unique infotainment system which has its navigation supported by Google Maps, this feature is enhanced by the Virtual Cockpit which has a 12 inch screen rather than gauges and dials, which can be fully customized to give the driver the info that they need. Under the hood the Audi has more safety features such as ESC and ABS, and the status of most of the car’s parts can be viewed in the Virtual Cockpit, so that the driver can know everything that they need to about the car.