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What Benefits Can Using a Housing Association Bring

For many companies and individuals, merely building new homes and properties is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of workload, and actually managing the residents after the build is complete can be as difficult as building the properties themselves. It is principally for this reason that so many turn to housing associations, who can manage the properties on the behalf of the developer. If you live in a ¬†property which is soon to be turned over to a housing association, it may leave you worried about what the future will look like, but you really shouldn’t. My condo has been under the management of many Phoenix HOA management companies, and each has brought a great deal of good to the complex. ¬†If this is happening to you, here are just some of the benefits which you can expect.


I don’t know if you have had any experience of this or not but there are few things worse than having maintenance issues in your property, that take an age to get fixed. My experience of using a housing association however has been that maintenance issues are repaired almost immediately, or as soon as it is possible. The HOA that I currently have looking after my condo, even offer 24/7 repairs, no more leaks, no more ignorance, you can count on repairs being completed swiftly.

Property Care

Something that always gets to me are when the grounds in and around the complex are not properly locked after, especially given that we pay our maintenance costs. My experience of HOAs however have been that they always ensure that the grasses are cut, the hedges are trimmed and any external damage is repaired quickly. The same can be said for the painting and the window cleaning in my complex, a great service and one that we should all expect.

Efficient Collections

It isn’t fair if you are paying your maintenance and other renters in and around you are not, so you should be able to rely on your housing association to make their collections process firm and fair. Once again, this is exactly what I have seen in my experience, and you can depend upon the fact that those who are not paying, will have swift action brought against them.


Incidents can happen at any time throughout the day and it is always nice to know that you can pick up the intercom day or night, and speak to a real person, who is looking to help with your problem. The housing associations that I have used have all offered 24/7 assistance for a wide range of issues such as damages or anti-social issues. The idea that there is someone on hand for whatever you need, whenever you need it, just helps to give you that additional peace of mind when you are at home.

Don’t panic about a housing association coming in, it is likely that they will greatly improve things.