Boost Your Selfie Game in 5 Easy Steps

Alright, so everyone you know is spending loads of time taking selfies and you have decided you want to start posting selfies of yourself too. You have been trying, but you have just not been able to get great pictures like some of your friends and all of those celebrities on Instagram. So, you are looking for some help on how to up your selfie game.

Well you are in luck because here are five easy steps to make your selfies look like a Kardashian. But before we start, first make sure you have the right phone to take selfies. You a phone with a great camera like the new IPhone X. And while you are at it, take a look at the selection of IPhone X skins from DBrand. Now on to the top 5 selfie tips.

  1. Work Those Angles

If you look at someone who takes great selfies you will notice that this person takes lots of shots from similar angles. This is because they have learned which angles work best for their type of face, shape of their head, etc. Some people look great straight on while others from a profile. Still others from an angle in between. You need to find what your best angel is and work it in every selfie.

  1. Get the Light Right

Yes this is one that you have thought of and you do your best to get good lighting but still you can’t seem to make it work for you. The key is to focus on natural lighting as the foundation for your selfies. Utilize the natural light you have around you and experiment with it to see how best to angle yourself so you get a shot that is lit great.  You should also head outside and do some tests with light until you like the way you look. Be patient because it will take some time, but after a short while you will begin to notice light and how to use it with great effect. This also means of course staying out of shadows that get cast over your face and completely ruin a shot. So be aware of where the light is and is not and avoid those shadows. Finally, work out when you will need to use and not use flash. The flash of a camera phone can be unpredictable so test shots in all types of conditions with the flash and know when it will work well and not.

  1. Learn How to Give a Natural Smile

Remember, this is you presenting yourself and your best look to the world. So smile and show everyone how happy you are to have them look at you. A real natural smile will make up for lots of other defects in a picture and will always make you look your absolute best. To get your best smile you need to practice taking selfies. After a while you will know just how much to curl your lips and work your eyes.

  1. Be Aware of Your background

Many selfies get ruined because even though the person in it looks great, the picture was taken in a place that was distracting. Sometimes you see dirty clothing, other people, half eaten food or other undesirable things in the picture. Avoid this from happening by being aware of your surroundings. So move away the junk and if you cannot move it then take your selfie somewhere else. If you are not sure, then take a hard look at the picture before you post it to make sure that you are the center of attention, not last week’s overdue laundry.

  1. Filters are Your Friends

Everyone who takes selfies that you love uses filters. Some use dramatic settings while other use light filtering and some will use either depending on the shot. The reason is that filters make the shots look better. Filters are simple to use and there are a ton out there for you to choose from. So sample as many as you can and find the ones that make you look great. Today’s mid and high level phones come with great filters and you can also download many picture filter apps that are great. The right filter will remove your flaws but still make you look like you, but better.

If you notice a common theme to these tips it is that you have to take a lot of selfies and do a lot of experimenting to see what works for you. There simply is no other way to take great selfies. But if you put in the work, you will soon be taking selfies like Kylie Jenner.