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3 common dieting mistakes which are blighting your progress

Nowadays, it seems as though everyone is on some form of diet. Whether it’s because of the magazines being overly pushy with their emphasis on beach bodies, or another reason, we’re not going to speculate. The point we’re making is that healthy eating has seemingly experienced a resurgence.

The problem behind this is that there is an incredible amount of information out there. As we all know, lots of information leads to misinformation – and people are approaching dieting with the wrong philosophy.

Sometimes, all of these mistakes can result in people taking pretty drastic action involving the likes of surgery. You only have to read Sono Bello Reviews to see how popular, and successful, this approach has become.

In a bid to try and keep things simple for your dieting, we have outlined some of the biggest dieting mistakes that people are currently making. If you can strip these out of your life – you might just see a few more convincing results from your plan.

The first mistake: you are fixated on the scales

This is a completely acceptable mistake – as people have been doing it for decades. As tempting as it might be to jump on the scales every day, you need to avoid this approach like the plague.

You might be losing weight, but it might be the wrong type of weight. The principle aim for you should be to shed fat – this is the problem from a general health perspective and in terms of “looking good”. Unfortunately, typical scales don’t provide you with this figure – it’s only specific devices like fat calipers that do so.

It means that this approach isn’t just inaccurate, it can be frustrating. You might be piling on more weight, but this might be due to an increase in muscle mass (after all, muscle weighs more than fat). As such, devise a more accurate way of measuring, even if this involves a completely different device.

You regularly eat healthy food (or, it’s marketed as this)

There’s a huge problem in the food industry right now, and it involves marketing. Food companies are getting away with murder when it comes to labeling, for the simple reason that so many of these so-called healthy foods are actually bad for you.

Something might have a label telling you it’s low fat, but in truth it just has a little lower fat than a rival product (that’s how the laws work). At the same time, just because something is organic, natural or has another fancy label embellished all over it, doesn’t mean to say that it’s going to help you lose weight.

Instead of reading the marketing spiel, take a look at the hard and fast numbers on packaging which tell you the ingredients, as well as how many calories, how much fat, protein, salt and everything else the product contains.

Just a couple of drinks”

It’s a common phrase, but in the game of losing weight it’s an exceptionally dangerous one. It has been found that just two drinks can make it 75% harder for your body to burn fat and as such, little else needs to be said on this final point.