How A Political System Can Be Improved

No matter what political orientation you have, there is one thing that is quite obvious: there is a huge amount of dysfunction present. The entire system works inefficiently and ineffectively. Its purpose is always to serve people but if we take a look at what happens around the world, it is obvious that problems exist. There are countless stories written about politicians that are corrupt or that use their power to pursue personal interests.

The good news is there are always ways in which political systems can be improved. Cielo Gonzalez Villa says that the only thing that is actually needed is a desire to do so. Some of the examples that are presented below can be considered in most worldwide political systems.

Penalize Politicians When Proper Work Is Not Done

Electing representatives is always done with a belief that good work is going to be done. The politician has to focus on the priorities, interests, goals and needs of people that elect him/her. Unfortunately, in many cases there are individuals that seem like they genuinely care about people when in reality they just care about personal interests.

Whenever it is seen that a politician does not do the job right and there are problems that were identified, he/she has to be penalized. When there are ramifications that are known and ways to penalize politicians, fewer individuals will make bad choices and not care about people represented.

Mandatory Ethics

When there is no strict ethical course that is in place and elected officials do not have to live up to it, there are no repercussions. Ethics automatically means respecting measures like conflicts of interest being eliminated or some personal behaviors being stopped. The fact that a politician reacts after something is done never means that ethics was in place. However, if there are some genuine ramifications and punishments in place, choices might be different.


So many politicians do all that they can in order to hold the position they have. They need the power and once it takes over, they are focused on the things that can be done for the position to be kept, as opposed to thinking about the public’s interests. Gerrymandering automatically means that it is impossible for a government to do what it has to. Many of the actions taken will be against public interest due to the desire to remain in power.

Purer Legislation

When politicians vote they are often interested in gaining attention and they want to become more visible for the public. Political support is important but it is always a lot better if the politicians have to vote on some specific matters without having this become conditional on some other issues. Representative democracy means politicians can pass the appropriate legislation but this simply does not happen.

Improving a political system that is flawed on so many levels is not at all easy, especially since the interests of numerous politicians are purely personal. However, things can change in the event that measures like those mentioned above are implemented.