How My Buddy Found True Happiness

Want to know How My Buddy Found True Happiness?

I am always fascinated and inspired by the people I see who have managed to find true happiness in their lives. Happiness is something that we are all looking to achieve and for that reason I believe that we all should look and learn from those who have found it and follow in their footsteps.

Someone who often inspires me in this field is my buddy Bennett J Kireker, successful businessman and one of the happiest people that I know. I was chatting to Bennett last week and asking him what happiness meant to him, and how he found it, here is what he had to say.

Find What You Love And Do That

Bennett realised from a very young age that he had a particular passion for gardening and for farming and so as soon as he could, he started his very own business. The young Kireker would grow fresh fruit and vegetables from an allotment and then sell the produce to local restaurants. Once the timecamem for college, Bennett decided to take on agricultural studies so that he could learn even more about the thing that he loved.

After finishing college, Bennet and a friend began to buy and sell farming equipment before turning the business nationwide and finding a great source in equipment from a Japanese manufacturer.

Never Grow Up

Despite being in his later years, Bennett tells me that he had never planned to grow up and that he would always do things that he loved, and the things which made him feel young.

For this reason, Bennett passes his time when he is not working playing VR games at home, going hand gliding with his local club, or jetting off to New York to watch his beloved Yankees playing baseball. These hobbies are what helps Kireker to stay happy and more importantly, stay youthful.

Love Where You Live

Bennett lives down in Pismo Beach and it is this location which he says in the most contributory factor to his happiness. He loves nothing more than going for early morning walks on the beach or strolls at dusk with his family. The beach lifestyle is something that you cannot argue with and Bennett told me that it is practically impossible to be unhappy when you live in surroundings such as these.

Bennett Kireker was not originally from Pismo Beach and he moved here with business, rather than pleasure in mind. Despite that, he has clearly shown that if you live in surroundings that make you happy, you cannot fail to have a smile on your face each time you walk out of the house. Kireker’s recipe for happiness sounds pretty simple on the face of it, invest time in what and who you love, stay young and love where you live, perhaps it really is this simple and the rest of us are turning our pursuit for happiness into an arduous challenge that it doesn’t need to be.