Buck Reed Looks at Buyer Behavior and the Impact on the Process of Sales

For Buck Reed, life was always going to be about sales. As a teenager, he sold his services mowing people’s lawns, which grew into a successful landscaping business. Then, he became more directly involved in sales and eventually grew into a trainer and mentor to others. Today, he continues to follow his passion of being a corporate trainer while also spending time with his wife Renee and their five children. Throughout his career, he has been particularly interested in the psychology of sales and buyer behavior.

Buck Reed Looks at Buyer Behavior

It is very important for a salesperson to understand exactly why a customer buys. This is important not just so that they can be offered to write products that also so that they can relate to each other. Imagine travelling to a foreign country where a language other than your own is spoken. There will be no point speaking your own language and you will have to learn that of the country in which you are.

It is also a known fact that people are more likely to agree with someone if that is the person whom they trust, like, and know. This is why celebrity endorsements are so important and make so many sales. However, not everybody can find a celebrity to endorse their product, which means they have to find other ways to be more authentic, such as having an extensive ‘about us’ section on there website.

Additionally, sales people must be aware of the principle of giving. Essentially, when somebody is given something for free, they feel compelled to return the favour. If you give someone a free sample, they will feel almost obliged to buy something. Not just that, they are also  happy about the fact that they received something for free, which develops that trusting relationship.

Sales people should also take the time to give there by yours compliments. People are often so involved in their own lives that they forget to look around and see what other people are doing. This means people don’t receive compliments often anymore either. As a salesperson, saying something nice to someone else, without going over the top , is one of the most sincere things you can do.

It is also very important that you remain relevant. It is important to find a balance in this, as you can remain relevant by sending newsletters, emails, and other messages. However, it is also easy for this to turn into spam period you must therefore create something that is of value and send it at the right time.

Last but not least, it is all about social proof. Human beings are herd animals, which means that we look at those around us to help influence our purchasing decisions. This is where the importance of positive reviews comes in. A review, whether positive or negative, amplifies the impact 10 times. This means that if you receive just one positive review comma 10 people will be more likely to make a purchase.