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5 Countries with the Most Plastic Surgery in the World

most plastic surgery in the world

Plastic surgery is becoming more and more popular as attitudes change and technology improves. These advances in technology mean firstly plastic surgery is has less risks than it used to but it can also be more realistic as well as less expensive surgery since the competition is high. Cultural differences and disposable income play a big part in which countries have the most plastic surgery. Lets see how many of the top 5 countries with the most plastic surgery in the world you managed to guess! (Please note statistics for last year have not yet been released, the data here is from ISAPs 2016 Global Statistics)

most plastic surgery in the world


Coming in a number 5 is Mexico, one of two Latin american countries on the list!

With a population of 127 million people, Mexico makes up for 3.9% of the worlds plastic surgery procedures. With high quality plastic surgeon are very reasonable prices Mexico is becoming a very popular destination for plastic surgery. Many Americans and Canadians are using mexico as a medical tourism destination which has spilled out into plastic surgery also. Plastic Surgery is a pretty common procedure for wealthy Mexicans too.



The Italians with by far the smallest population on the list at 60 million managed to make the top 5 on this list. The most surgically enhanced people in Europe predominantly chose Breast Augmentation and Eyelid surgery.



With roughly the same size population and Mexico, Japan takes 3rd spot. Unlike the other countries on the list it isn’t breast augmentation or liposuction that makes up the largest percentage of plastic surgery in Japan it is eyelid surgery. ISAP data shows that 1.3 million Japanese people had the eyelid surgery. This is particularly controversial as it has been claimed that many of these surgeries have been to create the double eyelid European look instead of the typically Japanese Monolid.



Unsurprisingly for anyone who has been to Brazil and witnessed the incredibly curvaceous bodies walking elegantly around the streets of Brazilians Big Cities or sunbathing on Copacabana Beach, Brazil made the top 5. While plenty of these physical assets are natural from working hard in the gym and not surgically enhanced Breast Augmentation is very popular in Brazil. Its very common for women in Brazil after they have had children to lift and increase the size of their breasts. It is important to take into account that Brazil is also a huge country with well over 200 million inhabitants. But this only partly explains why I whopping 2.5 million Brazilians underwent surgery in 2016. Brazil’s total of the worldwide populations plastic surgery stands at 10.7%.


United States of America

The third largest population in the world tops the list for with the most Plastic Surgery in the world with a grand total of more than 4 million procedures in the country. This makes up for an astonishing 17.9% world wide plastic surgeries.

The most common types of plastic surgery are Breast Augmentation and Liposuction. Breast augmentation is growing in popularity as women seek enhanced breast size. NYC breast augmentation services are in high demand. The later can be partly explained by the fact that the USA has some of the highest obesity levels in the world.