How to Get Out Of Debt 

Debt is something which many people across the country have fallen in to and the truth is that debt is not always a bad idea or philosophy. The problem comes however when debt becomes uncontrollable, this is the same for businesses and individuals and when debts cannot be repaid, many people borrow more and get trapped in a debt cycle. The consequences of unmanaged debt could be losing your home or your business, the use of a bankruptcy lawyer should you need to blacklist yourself or at the very basic level, a great deal of emotional stress for you and your family. If you are stuck under a debt mountain, here is how to start getting out.

Face Up To It 

Once debts climb high, many people think that the best approach is to ignore the letters and the phone calls that are coming their way. This is not the right approach at all because the debt will never just vanish, ignoring the problem could see you incur further charges, higher interest and ultimately push your deeper into the well. If you really want to fix your debts, the first step is to make a list of all of the debts which you have, who to and how much for.

Personal Balance Sheet

The next step is to work out your personal finances through the use of a balance sheet. Simply add into this account, how much money you earn each month and how much you have to pay out for necessities. Don’t include debt repayments into this final figure.

Calling Around

Once you have compiled a list of all of your debts and your income and expenditure, you should start calling the creditors and let them know exactly what your situation is. It is important to remember that a creditor does not want the debt remaining unpaid forever and it is in their best interests to help you out. Describe to your creditors exactly how much money you have available each month, and discuss with them what other debts you have. This is not always guaranteed to work but you could find that you get a more reasonable repayment agreement with a simple phone call.


If your attempts at speaking to your creditors are unsuccessful, you can contact one of the many debt charities out there and discuss with them your situation. A debt charity will not only be able to offer you advice and speak to the creditors on your behalf but they also understand the legal side of debt very well. This could mean that you could take advantage of an IVA or a Bankruptcy law which could see you get out from under your debt problems. By all means try and fix things yourself first but if you are really struggling, contact one of the debt charities who can really help you to turn your life around, and stay away from any further debt forever.