Get a Happy and Motivated Project Team

Running a project team and working in one should be an enjoyable task. This is typically a fast-moving environment in which important results can be achieved in an enjoyable way.

However, things can go wrong if your project team becomes unhappy and de-motivated over time, as can easily happen in any company. This is clearly a risk with any type of team but perhaps it is easier to deal with when it comes to project workers?

Certainly, the way that these pieces of work are run gives you some good opportunities to keep everyone happy and feeling positive.

Give Them Diverse Projects and Tasks

In many types of job there are few ways of making life better for the team members. Basically, they will just need to carry on doing the same things over and over again.

Things don’t need to be as repetitive at this in the project world, though. This is because this type of role is ideal for giving the team a lot of flexibility and plenty of interesting tasks. 

Of course, some people prefer more stability and are happier knowing what they will be doing long into the future. These are the people whom you can assign to long term projects, while those who want regular change will be happier with shorter pieces of work and lots of variety.

Arrange the Training They Need

Throwing anyone into any role without giving them training is always a recipe for disaster. The project world is highly demanding and even business experts can feel a little bit lost one they move into this sort of job.

This means that the training you arrange for your team to receive is crucial to their chances of success. This is what will allow them to carry out the job to a high standard right from the very beginning.

There are some types of training that can’t be missed out, such as PRINCE2 courses Cardiff to give them a general project overview. After this is completed, the rest really depends upon what other skills they will need for the specific projects that they will be involved in.

Give Them Responsibility

It is also possible to keep people happier in their work by giving them more responsibility. This might mean letting them run meetings for you, sending them off to research current processes or maybe giving them the chance to test themselves in other ways. 

Project work is well suited to this approach, as there are typically lots of important tasks needing done at the same time. Someone who is keen to take on added responsibility will usually find it fairly easy to find what they are after.

You might even consider that your team members could handle a small project or a sub-project on their own after a while. This is going to be a real test of their skills and can boost their confidence levels significantly.

Reward Success

Rewarding success will also help to keep the whole team feeling good. This might happen when a project reaches a successful conclusion or where you achieve an important milestone along the way.

There are numerous different ways of rewarding success in your team. This can run from giving extra time off to arranging a fun away day or giving them some other sort of reward for all their hard work.

By keeping your team happy and highly motivate you will help to ensure that they produce excellent results on their projects. It will also lead to a more enjoyable working environment in which everyone feels as though they are part of the overall success.