5 Tips to Run an Amazing Video Contest

Video contests are one of the best ways to create massive viral interest in your company, product or service. However, if you have never run one before they require quite a learning curve. Video contests are an amazing way to launch a new product or service to market without having to spend large amounts on marketing, this means it’s great for startups with limited budgets. Here are 5 tips which will help you run your video contest without a hitch.

  1. Use an online video contest platform, for example Easypromos’s Video Contest Software Platform makes it easy to run online video contests because you can see everything and it gives you a simple dashboard to manage the contest. One of the biggest problems people have when running a video contest is managing it. Using a good video contest software platform will allow you to see everything that is happening in your contest instantly.
  2. Have a compelling prize – make sure you offer something that will motivate people. It’s better to be generous because it’s essentially an investment. The better the prize you offer the more people will create great content for you.
  3. Don’t make it too hard – It should be a challenge to apply for your contest but overall it should be fun. People are applying for your contest in their own time and you need to ensure that people will not just give up on your contest mid-application.
  4. Encourage sharing – when you are running a contest it’s a great way to get people to share your products and services on social media channels, make sure you make the most of it and get people to share their application videos.
  5. Promote it – there is no point running a competition if nobody knows about it, once your competition is live, share it with the people who are most likely to apply. Your company will likely have a community of fans and users who will be excited about your competition.

Follow these tips and you will be able to run a fantastic viral video contest. Video contests will give you massive levels of exposure and interest in your company if you run them correctly, using a good video contest platform will help you to manage them well.  Many successful products and services have launched using the power of video contests, they are a powerful tool which should be in your online marketing toolkit.