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How Adopting PRINCE2 Can Help New Project Managers

There is no doubt that taking on a new role in project management is a huge step for anyone. Even just moving from a business analyst role to a management role in the same company can seem extremely daunting.

However, there are some steps that you can take to make sure that the transition is smoother as well as a lot more successful. One of the most effective of these steps is that of adopting the widespread PRINCE2 project methodology.

There are some terrific benefits that you will gain from doing this.

Gain Confidence

The first positive to bear in mind is the confidence that you will feel once you are working to a solid, reliable methodology. There will be no reason to have doubts about whether you are using the right processes or techniques.

PRINCE2 isn’t the only type of project methodology around. Yet, it is one that is widely used and is trusted by many project managers in all sorts of different industries.

Once you have gone on your PRINCE2 Training Dublin and start to run your own pieces of work, you will realise that you can handle any type of project in this way, no matter how big or small it is.

Stick to a Process You Trust

So, where does all of this confidence in the last point come from? After all, any type of new job tends to involve some scary moments as you learn new processes and try to get to grips with it all.

In this sense, the biggest benefit with PRINCE2 is that it gives you a set of processes you can use time after time. This brings a very useful sense of continuity to the project that you work on.

By sticking to the same way of working over and over again you can quickly feel as though you are becoming an established project expert. The projects that you get will vary but you can always rely on the knowledge that you have gained.

Get a Team to Back You Up

Naturally, you won’t be taking on any big projects alone. Every good project leader needs to be backed up by a solid team with a variety of skills in order to be successful.

This is why it pays to make the building of a good team one of your priorities when you moved into a new role as project manager. The right people behind you will help to run your future pieces of work more smoothly and professionally.

For most new project managers, having a few experienced business analysts on board is a must. Ideally, some of them will also have relevant experience of the business area that you can lean on as well.

Have a Plan You Believe In

Perhaps the greatest fear anyone who is new to this role is the fear of the unknown. Project management can feel like an intimidating type of job because of the fact that you simply don’t know what awaits you in the future.

This is why good planning is so crucial to getting settled in to the role. The way that PRINCE2 helps in this respect is by giving you a process that encourages you to plan extensively right at the very beginning of each project.

By doing this, you feel in control of the situation and limit the number of nasty surprises that could be lurking out there. A good plan lets you move forward with a far greater level of security than would otherwise be the case.

Don’t let the switch to a project manager role feel like a giant step into the unknown. Using PRINCE2 makes it feel far more manageable.