5 Signs That You Need A Divorce Attorney

The divorce rate in America has reached an astronomical high in the past few years. It is rarely sudden for most couples as the marriage takes time for it to gradually breakdown. More often than not, divorces are caused by miscommunication. For this reason, many couples can rarely agree once they have had a difficult conversation. To determine if one needs a Mesa divorce attorney, one ought to look out for some vital signs.

1. You or your spouse has filed a divorce petition

It may be hard to grasp at first because the natural thing for any marriage is to try and make things work. Many reasons could make a person decide on divorce. Issues such as infidelity, violent domestic abuse, finances etc. are some of the most common reasons for divorce. If the other partner decides to file for divorce, it might be wise to get in touch with a divorce attorney.

2. You have multiple assets.

Money can be a reason why divorce gets bitter. Since most couples getting a divorce have communication problems, they may not agree on how to divide said assets. You will need a divorce lawyer to help you split bank accounts, shares, stocks, property, family home among other assets. There may be issues when it comes to shared businesses. It would be easier if the couple drew up a prenuptial agreement because, without it, a divorce lawyer would help settle asset disputes. It is also advised to seek the counsel of a lawyer if you notice the disappearance or rearrangement of assets. That is usually done to reduce the assets considered during division. Do so to protect your financial interests.

3. There are children involved.

There is no doubt that children suffer the most during a divorce. Both parents may not agree on who gets to keep the kids. Sometimes, in cases like domestic abuse, it would be better if the children do not stay with the abuser. It is advisable to talk to a divorce lawyer, to avoid making the children pawns in the divorce. The lawyer would help the couple deal with custody agreements and visitation rights that suit both parties. A divorce attorney can help make the divorce transition as smooth as possible so as not to impact the children.

4. You are overwhelmed.

A divorce attorney can do everything for you if you are in shock and don’t want to deal with your partner. They also help you file the paperwork such as financial documents that are essential for asset division. A lawyer can help you read through the divorce agreement, complete forms, keep time during divorce proceedings and meet court deadlines. You don’t have to go through any of it alone.

5. Your spouse has hired a lawyer.

It would be foolish to share the same lawyer with your spouse during divorce proceedings. For you to get what you deserve, you may need to find an attorney who may help you work out contentious issues like spousal or child support. Your lawyer will look out for your interests and help you navigate the system like filing court motions when required.

Divorce may be a hard time for a couple, and one may be confused as to how to approach the matter. Divorce lawyers are trained to help a couple going through a divorce transition as smoothly as possible. If you are looking for Mesa divorce attorneys, schedule a consultation by calling them today or filling their online form.